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Why Hire a Private Investigator?

There is a long list of reasons to hire a private investigator (PI), they can investigate criminal cases, private cases and cases pertaining to business. But employing a private investigator is never a decision taken lightly.

The first things you may consider, before hiring a PI, is the cost. It’s difficult to tell exactly what the private investigator fees are for your particular case, however there are some basic fees and payment methods most PI’s implement. A lot of PI’s also offer a free consultation, allowing you to meet them, introduce your case and get an idea of how much it will cost.

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

Some private investigators charge a flat fee for the entire service; this involves simple things such as background checks, identifying a number and research. The price can range anywhere from a low 4-figures to mid 4-figures. You can suggest to, make 2 to 3 part payments, pending an agreed arrangement with the private detective.

However, some cases will take time, the need of other private investigators, and are more complicated. These cases are charged by the hour and the cost ranges depending on the PI you choose.

You may be required to make a deposit, which is standard for most freelance services. This will help cover costs of travel and expenses whilst the PI is investigating your case. Some deposits are set prices and others are a percentage of the cost.

How to Avoid a Cheap Private Investigator

It’s important to note that some private investigators are not in good standing— they may have taken advantage of clients in the past or broken the law to fulfill their job. This is not a PI you want to involve yourself with. For this reason, you should always research the firm you are hiring. The research could include;

  • What they investigate
  • Their success rate
  • Client satisfaction
  • Cost
  • Time to complete work
  • If they offer a refund
  • Any licenses and credentials
  • Their education
  • A background check


There is no guarantee the PI can complete your request, but you want to be confident your money is used wisely. Always remember, sometimes paying more for your private investigation will yield the best results and ensure no one takes advantage of you.