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Why are some women afraid to hire a PI to find out the truth about their husbands affair and choose to stay in an emotional draining relationship

Learning that your husband has been cheating on you is devastating. Just thinking that your spouse is being disloyal is already painful. Aside from the devastation caused by infidelity, many women also face negative aggression. Children also develop bad behaviors as they are affected by the unfaithful behavior of their father and they haven’t yet learned how to deal with the situation.

The sad fact is that some women are afraid to hire a private investigator to find out the truth about their husband’s affair and choose to stay in an emotional draining relationship. They are afraid of what they might find out. Some want to keep up the image of a happy family. This is detrimental not only to one’s emotional and mental health. Remember that the situation affects not only you, but your children as well. There are some signs that can help you determine if your husband is having an affair.

Signs of an Affair

  • He starts acting secretive about his phone.

Your husband is hiding something if he suddenly starts acting secretive about his phone. Someone who is not hiding anything doesn’t prevent their loved ones from seeing who they are contacting. Unless he is planning to surprise you because it is your birthday or anniversary, sneaky use of cell phone is something to be suspicious about.

  • He starts treating you differently.

When your husband is having an affair, the way he relates to you may suddenly change. Your habits may bother or annoy him or he may criticize you more often.

  • He smells differently.

You will notice that your spouse smells differently. He will either wear a certain fragrance more often than normal or wear different fragrance levels.

  • He finds excuses to work longer.

Most cheating partners find excuses to work longer just to spend more time with someone else. If your husband starts staying late or going to work a lot earlier, you should be suspicious.

  • He starts going to business trips more often.

If your spouse suddenly starts going to business trips more often, this should raise a red flag. He may suddenly get so motivated than normal.

  • He improves his appearance.

If your husband is having an affair, that means they have just started dating. He will try to create a positive impression and suddenly start dressing better to look more presentable.

  • He touches you less.

Your husband might be touching you differently or less. If he is having an affair, he will kiss or treat you differently. He may kiss you more passionately than normal to hide what he is doing or he may kiss you less as he is already more interested in someone else.

  • He doesn’t allow you to go near his computer or touch it.

If your partner doesn’t allow you to go near his computer or even touch it or acts surprised if you catch him using his computer, you should be wary. If you ask him what he is doing and he acts defensive or stutters, he is definitely hiding something. Don’t make any accusation, however, if you have no evidence to prove your hunch.

Other signs of an affair include making excuses about where he has been or who he has been with or finding receipts you don’t have any idea of. This behavior might be innocent, so it is best to find proof to confirm whether your hunch is correct or just groundless.

However, if your spouse has been acting a lot different than normal and you’ve started to see some of the signs stated above, talking to a private investigator specializing in infidelity investigation might be your best bet.

Why Hire a PI to Investigate Your Partner?

You don’t want to wrongly accuse an innocent partner of having an affair as it could damage your relationship as well. Before you start throwing accusations or looking for signs of an affair, you have to make sure that your suspicions are founded. Your hunch may be unfounded if you are just paranoid, emotionally insecure, naturally suspicious, overly jealous, naturally doubt the opposite sex or have an excessively active imagination or low self-confidence.

Hiring a PI to conduct a thorough infidelity investigation is recommended if one of these situations apply to you. Doing the investigation on your own would make it impossible to stay objective enough to assess the signs you find without being biased. Hiring a PI is also recommend if you need proof that would be accepted in court. A private investigator can carry out a reasonable and fair investigation that would provide the evidence you need.

Benefits of Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity investigation is the perfect solution for those who think that their partner is seeing someone else behind their back. The internet may have made our life easier, but it also served as a convenient place for people to meet other individuals. If you believe that your spouse is cheating on you and you notice the common signs of an affair, an infidelity investigation can help you confirm or refute your hunch.

You just need to provide your private investigator with the email address of your partner. The PI will then search through various sites that your spouse might be engaged in. Once he gets the information you need, you will be given links to the websites where he is registered on. Your PI can also give you the proof you need to confront or sue your cheating partner.

You don’t have to do the investigation on your own or waste your time and keep hurting yourself by staying in an emotionally draining relationship. Talk to a private investigator as you soon as you see the signs of an affair. Your PI will inform you of your partner’s activities once they’ve completed their infidelity investigation. If this service can give you peace of mind, make sure to hire an experienced private investigator that has handled cases similar to yours and has achieved a high satisfaction rating from his past clients.


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