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When A Relationship Loses Its Meaning


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Most people in relationships want to be sure that their partners are not cheating on them and this drives them to use different means to find out where their marriages and relationships stand. In some cases the feeling is driven by paranoia but in most their partners are actually cheating. Because cheating partners will vehemently deny their involvement in affairs, the only way is to catch them ‘pants down’ or in a situation that will be difficult to deny their cheating tendencies.

Catching a cheating spouse requires you to be as keen as a detective looking for clues to stop a crime. This is because there will be tiny clues left by the partner and you will need to follow up on any leads that you come across. The difficult part is maintaining the relationship and keeping your cool around your partner knowing that you are investigating their linen to find out if it is dirty enough to warrant a confrontation. The important part is to gather enough evidence without ‘catching feeling’ along the way. Confronting the cheating partner early in the investigation will leave you on the losing side since you will not have enough evidence to pin them down.


Before you start looking at all the available means and technology you can use to catch a cheating partner, it is important to first understand what you need. Patience is invaluable when you are investigating a cheating suspect. You do not want to jump up shouting anytime you find a clue. You need enough evidence that will make sure your partner is lost for words when you confront them and the only words coming out of his/her mouth are not “you are insane”, “you are just paranoid” or “you must be cheating. All they will have to say is “I am sorry”.

Phone Investigation

Technology has made this planet a global village especially through mobile phone communication. These small gadgets have made our lives easier and miserable at the same time. The communication between your partner and the person they are cheating with will mostly be through phone calls and messages. First you need to observe how they behave when handling their phone around you. If they are always texting and smiling and put the phone away when you come close to them, this is a red flag. If they walk out of the room to take certain calls, this is a huge red flag. It could be cheating, business they do not want you to know, or a planned surprise party. This means you need to investigate further.

Behavioral Changes

You have lived with your partner for some time and probably know how they behave towards some things. If they suddenly have a lot of work that keeps them out late, you should be on alert. If this is accompanied by some lies that they were with friends or at places that do not check out, they are definitely up to something that smells like an affair. Any parking tickets in odd places, especially around apartment you know no one, or receipts to motels and shopping you never saw, you better suit up and start paying close attention to their alibi.


The same technology that gave us mobile phones that are used in cheating is the same that presents us with different methods of catching the cheating spouse. Surveillance through hidden cameras and applications in their phones can go a long way in confirming your doubts. If things do not seem clear, you can hire a private eye. The private investigators will follow your partner and present a report on their whereabouts and who they associate with when they say they are ‘out working late’. Trust should be the foundation marriages are built on but when the foundation is shaky, catching a cheating spouse becomes a factor for one of the partners.

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