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Cheating Partner Singapore

It’s without obvious proof that you can never be sure your partner is actually cheating on you. It could start with an uncomfortable feeling about your partner. Always spending time with a colleague of the opposite sex. During business trips, having dinner together in one of their rooms. Or the long whispering conversations over the phone. Still you never want to imagine that your partner could be cheating on you.

Why Do Partners Cheat?

Sad as it sounds, people cheat for different reasons. While the ‘forbidden fruit’ is always tempting, men and women usually have differing reasons. Women usually have more emotional and psychological motives for cheating, while men cheat on their partner because they’re looking for more physical stimulation.

Signs of a Cheater

Being deceived in a relationship unfortunately is not an uncommon issue, but discovering the hard truth could give closure and come to terms. Painful as it will be, at least it will give you some consolation and a peace of mind. You will need to stay focus and look out for signs  to confirm your suspicions. More importantly, you need to be measured in your observations as there no set rules when determining if your partner is cheating.


Change in clothing choices

  • Perhaps an innocent change in vanity but try to keep tabs on changes in clothes and even hair styles.
  • If all the while before, as a couple either of you would wash both of your clothes, and now you find your partner making all attempts to exclude form washing both together and  separately from yours, you may want to ponder hard.
  • A cheating partner may also try to look good all the time to impress someone else.

Increased online or phone activities

  • If you notice your partner is perpetually secluded on the computer more often than before or takes his phone calls in a different habit.
  • It will prick your observation.Don’t make any uncalled for remarks.
  • Try interacting with your partner during those observations. Try catching your partner innocently while using the computer. Or make jokes when phone calls come in.
  • You’ll need to be creative to mask your true intention when digging for tell-tail signs.

Change in intimacy

  • With modern day demands from work and stress, your partner may not pay much attention to you as before.
  • Hold your rushing thoughts and narrow down possible causes.Through patience of eliminating possible causes, you will reach a few possible reasons for your partner’s lost of interest.
  • The other extreme would be changes in sexual requests and patterns in your relationship.If your partner is asking you to try something strange or new, this might be because he is doing this with someone else.
  • Talk and discuss to understand if your partner is coming from an innocent streak or are there more to it than meets the eye.

Changes in daily routine

  • Changes in daily routines may be innocent, provided the reasons for it are justifiable and you are aware of those arrangement prior to change in routine.But what if they are not?
  • Don’t let our thoughts fester in your mind. Be open and ask about the change in routine.
  • You start working on a broad assumption that all’s innocent. As you narrow down your assumptions, you will get a better gut feeling.
  • And if your partner acts differently or buys you more gifts without any reason, accept it gracefully. Don’t read too deep into the gesture. Occasionally enquire the reason for the gifts.It might be a sincere intention on your partner’s part.
  • Only you would be able to tell if it was a sincere intention or a reaction to the guilt, your partner is feeling for cheating on you.

 Your partner becomes more distant

  • It’s quite common to hear of couples losing the zest to talk non-stop. Afterall once a couple has been together a period of time, just being next to each other is comforting without having to utter a word.
  • But not having to say a word and being distant are two different scenarios.
  • Cheaters often start emotionally distancing themselves from their partners and become more defensive when asked about the problem.
  • Your partner may become overly affectionate or react differently to you.This could be a subconscious response to cheating where they try to justify their actions by over compensating their affection and love to you.
  • Take note of your partner’s actions.


Signs of a cheater are never cast in stones. But If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, take time to assess your relationship and reasons behind your partner’s actions. Also give it some time to see how long those changes persist before you, decide on the action you should take.

You can decide to save your relationship and rebuild the trust that was lost. Many people choose to restore their relationship and live together. If you are suspicious of your partner’s actions, getting the help of a private investigator can help you confirm whether your suspicions are baseless or justified.

Catch a Cheating Spouse with a Private Investigator

When you suspect that your partner is having an affair, you should have enough proof so that you can decide on your options. You can get the service of a private investigator to deal with the issue. Before hiring a private investigator, however, you should carefully consider the step you want to take.

It is never easy to deal with a partner who has cheated on you. And the early stages of suspicion are the most difficult times. When you are consumed trying to figure out  what your partner is doing, you’ll experience a hard time. You are left in the dark without any knowledge of what is really going on.

If you choose to catch a cheating partner by hiring a private investigator, you should not tell anyone about it. Don’t act recklessly even when there are clear signs that your spouse is cheating on you. If you decide to engage a private detective, you need to get strong evidence that cannot be rebutted.

You also have to make sure that your partner will not know your actions. It is not cheap to hire a hire investigator, so you should not put your chances of success at risk by giving your partner a chance to cover his tracks. If your partner knows your actions, he will be more careful and you won’t be able to get the evidence you need. The investigation may also take a long time. This will not only cost you more money, but also cause you more pain.

Lastly,make sure that you hire only the best private investigator.




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