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Child Abuse Investigation Singapore

On Specializing with Child Abuse Investigations


Everyone can see the growing complexities in society. All forms of abuse are present and there seems nothing we can do about it. It is like the world is going more insane by the minute and the most targeted lot are innocent and helpless children.

Even with the law imposed by the government, people still do horrible things as abusing children. Child abuses are hard to curtail and it makes it even harder for the victims and their families, to comprehend how the culprits can get away with it?

It is certainly unfortunate, unbelievable and unforgiveable to see an innocent and defenseless child subjected to violence. Who in their right mind would do violence to a child who cannot defend himself? And it’s for that reason, private investigators take pride in stopping and finding the culprit of such abuse.


What is Child Abuse?

Child with a sad faceIn the simplest terms, child abuse can be defined as the physical mistreatment or molestation of a child.  But child abuse is not limited to physical mistreatment or sexual abuse only. It also includes emotional, mental, psychological and verbal abuse to the child. Neglect is also considered child abuse in most cases in the world. In any case, any series of action or omission of a parent, guardian or caregiver towards a child that results to harm, potential harm or threat to the child can be considered child abuse.

There are many people and parent who might be strict with their child and use corporal punishment as a way of disciplining their children. However, one must be able to recognize and remember that there is definitely a fine line between being firm with a child and child abuse. As parent or guardian, one must always remember the consequences that come with abusing a child, no matter what form it may be.

To be abused as a child is something that has tremendous effects to the child and the problems that come with it does not simply stop there. They may be saved for now but the abuse that a child suffered may affect them even in their adult life. Child abuse and neglect by any means are nothing but criminal in nature. A child may grow in a protective, restrictive and firm family, without any parent having to raise their hand over a child.

Aside from a parent having violent tendencies for controlling their children, there is also the instance that one parent uses child abuse accusations as leverage to gain custody, control or even revenge on other parent. Such circumstances are becoming prevalent these days. In such cases, private investigators are a huge help for collecting evidences useful in finding the culprit and in learning the truth behind a child abuse claim.


Types of Child Abuse

Child abuse can take on many forms but there are four main types of child abuse namely physical, neglect, sexual and psychological abuse.

  • Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the most common type of abuse where a physical aggression is directed by an adult to a child. In most nations across the world, it considers intentional infliction of serious injuries to a child or any action that had led the child to serious injury or brink of death to be illegal and criminal in nature. Examples of physical abuse include scratches, burns, broken bones, bruises, lacerations, repeated mishaps and rough treatment.

  • Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse on a child or simply child sexual abuse (CSA) is a type of abuse where an older adolescent or adult assaults a child for sexual stimulation. This action is referred to as a sexual act with a participation of a child with the aim of physical and sexual gratification or financial profit to the person committing the act. It includes any sexual activity where the child is asked or pressured to engage in.

  • Psychological Abuse

This could also be referred to as, an emotional abuse. This type of child abuse involves any conditioning of poor social or psychological upbringing as a result induced behaviors such as coarse and rude actions, yelling, harsh criticism, unfair criticism of the child’s personality, humiliation and many other abusive actions that cannot be characterized as physical or sexual.

  • Neglect

Similarly, failure of a parent to take responsibility to provide for a child’s needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care and supervision is considered child abuse as well, especially if it is up to a degree that child’s safety, health and well-being is put at risk or threatened with harm. Neglects also include lack of attention, love and nature which are essential to the survival of the child.


Role of a Private Investigator in Child Abuse Cases

In cases of child abuse, private investigators are most useful in finding the truth as prevention is better than cure. With the service of a private investigator, it becomes possible for child abuse to be prevented as early as possible. What is important is to be able to detect the signs of abuse as early as possible and to do the necessary actions required.

When it comes to child abuse cases, one hardly gets witnesses as the culprit performs the act away from others. In that case, a private investigator’s skill on surveillance can be put to good use. Hidden cameras, undercover operation and other investigative skills are essential to be able to gather proof that an abusive action did happen.

Additionally, private investigators specializing in child abuse have trained officials who can talk to a child about any disturbing issues they may be suffering with. With these trained officials, it becomes easy to talk to a child and know the truth. Private investigative agencies are such services so as to help a parent or concerned person learn the truth about allege child abuse claim.

Child abuse is simply a disgraceful crime that has to be prevented and the reason why the law in every  country despise it. Given the severity of abuse, private investigators are there to assist you and help save your child from further torment.



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