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Child Custody Investigation Singapore

Child Custody Private Investigations


There are many reasons why you would need the service of a private investigator when it comes to child custody. Any issue with regards to an innocent child is sensitive in whatever situation it may be. Child custody investigations often come in when parents suddenly decide they want a divorce.

In times like these, the child will be most vulnerable and affected, not only because the family suddenly seems to be torn apart but as well as because parents often fight over custody of their child. Nothing means more to a parent than their child. They will want to secure the child’s safety and have the financial support, attention, love and care that they deserve.


Why Use Private Investigators in Child Custody Cases?

Often in divorce or child custody cases, the one who hires a private investigator wins. Not that they won by default because they hired a private detective first but rather, they were able to successfully utilize the services of a private agency specializing in such cases. Any relevant information collected by a private investigator could very well be the deciding factor in the court’s verdict in a custody case as well as to the safety of the child.

Unfortunately though, once the court has made its decision, it is very difficult to overturn the ruling. As such, you must decide as early as possible whether to use the services of a private investigator to collect  information that just might decide the result of your case and the fate of your child.

Of course, child custody investigations provided by a qualified a private investigator is not only about determining where the custody of the child will be placed. For example, if you are owed child support, hiring of private investigators may very well provide you with a good chance of finding your ex’s residency or current state of employment.

In the most discreet means, a competent and reliable private investigator can locate any person you are looking for. When it comes to child custody, private investigators serve well in ensuring the safety of your child.

If you suspect that your child may be a victim of abuse or neglect in the custody of your ex or any relative, it is of paramount urgency that you not waste time in gathering evidence to convince the relevant authorities to intervene on your child’s behalf. Wasting time will only further any negative impact on your child’s wellbeing and safety


What is Child Custody Investigations?

To a parent like you, nothing seems more devastating than losing custody of child. Ideally, it would have been better for both parents to be there for their child, providing a loving, safe, healthy and stable home where children can have a quality life. Unfortunately, it may not simply always be the case.

When two parents decide to divorce, the child or children should remain under the custody of the more qualified parent. However if the parents of the child are agreeable, they will likely reach some kind of solution that works for both. On the other hand, if both parents are unable to settle the matter amicably, it will be the decision of the court to decide in the best interest of the child.

Depending on which of the two scenarios, the court will have to decide whether to give sole child custody to one parent or perhaps to give joint child custody for both. Either way, the court’s decision will be based on relevant reports from respectable authorities, including those from private investigators.


How is a Child Custody Investigation done?

When it comes to child custody investigation’ the first and foremost concern; the child custody private investigator has to ensure is that the child involved is safe. It will be his job to collect any evidence if the child is being abused or neglected. The court takes very serious view if they are presented with damaging evidence showing the child being neglected or in distress.

Often, when it comes to investigations like these, circumstances such as child abuse, chronic neglect, substance abuse and alcoholism are exposed. The PI will inform you of the findings to allow you to make an urgent decision on how to deal with your concerns.

Some of the methods they use to reassure your concerns:

  • Surveillance

In child investigations, private investigators may use either interior or exterior surveillance in determining the situation of the child whilst with one of the parent. Other forms of surveillance may be done as well apart from these. Then the data that is collected will be documented whilst on the other hand, any obvious abuse or neglect by the other parent may be videotaped or documented to serve as concrete evidence regarding the welfare and comfort of the child.

  • Background Checks

Private investigators also conduct background checks to any person of ‘interest’ interacting with your child as well as to any person related to your ex. If they need to unearth your ex’s past relationship and history to make sure your child is in safe hands, private investigators would be able to do just that as well. With excellent background checks, they can dig up undesirable activity or disturbing facts about your ex-partner, as long as it will help you in your custody battle to win custody of the child.

  • Eye Witness Account

In addition, private investigators may as well seek witnesses for the court on behalf of the parent’s concern. Based on collected evidences and eye witness account, the court can decide whether the child is safe and which one of the two parents is more qualified to bring up the child in a safe and nurturing environment.

The findings of a reliable and trustworthy private investigative service has more credence to the court than the faulty accusation of a parent. With that, it is evident that a private investigator is your biggest chance of getting the custody of your child and securing their safety.

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