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Child Protection Investigation Singapore

Ensuring Child Safety Protection with Private Investigator 


There are many things for which you can use the services of a private investigator. You can utilize their services not only for the typical corporate investigations or perhaps in infidelity investigations. Apart from those, private investigators are especially useful for when it comes to cases related to safety of a child.

When a case is related to a child, it becomes sensitive, tough and can even be delicate to handle, especially if it involves their safety. As a parent, it is one of your first and foremost concerns to ensure that your child is safe be it inside the home or outside. Such issues and reports of children that are not safe or abused even inside their own home is prevalent these days.

People are more concerned in a child’s safety and their welfare now more than ever. They now realize that irrespective of a child’s age, there is always some risk of harm, threat to their welfare. As parents or guardians, it is paramount that they take the best course of action for their safety and to minimize any risk of harm that might come to them.


Private Investigative Services Offered in Child Safety Protection

It would be best interest of all concerned to hire the services a private investigator who has the expertise child safety which requires collecting information and data necessary for the next course of action.

Services that Private investigators are able to provide to observe a child’s welfare and safety includes:

  • Parent investigation for Child Custody
  • Covert surveillance on anyone you suspect might cause harm to your child, or any member of your family
  • Screening and Background Checks of people working with your children
  • Check and Verification of the fitness and status of a nursery, and more

Prompt and professional feedback and reports will reassure you that the child is safe, and you are able to know the people handling your child and be able to trust your child’s well-being in them.

Although most children grow feeling safe and secure inside their home, there are those that have concerns about their safety.


Steps Taken In Child Safety Investigation

A child safety investigation conducted by a private investigator allows for a parent, guardian or concerned person to be aware of the level of safety and protection the child has. The investigation itself is a fact-finding process with an aim of ensuring the child’s safety.


During such process, the private investigator uses necessary investigative techniques and skills to collect related information. Private investigators conduct discreet investigation and surveillance of the people the child interacts with and may be suspicious of. In investigation, private investigators shall conduct:

  • Interviews to referenced people provided by the client
  • Financial status of the people involved by cross-referencing credit checks
  • Interviewing family members for verification of family history
  • Criminal records of any person involved
  • Previous employment records of persons involved
  • Any checks that PI’s might think relevant to the case at hand

Such information will then be handed to the clients so that they can decide what needs to be done next, whether to intervene before the situation gets out of control or being at peace knowing the  child is in good care. More than that, expert private investigators provide wide ranging services in the field of child protection through their extensive experience.


Purposes of Child Safety Investigation

Child safety investigation is important as it is the preliminary fact finding that one has to take when it comes to child custody or child abuse cases. Furthermore, for parents who are most concerned about their children’s safety, this is necessary step to protect them. This is fundamentally what will bring them peace of mind. The common purposes of the investigation in child safety protection include:

  • Investigation of concerns regarding harm or risk of harm to the child
  • Assessment of the child’s immediate safety
  • Assessment whether the child is in need of protection
  • Assessment whether the child has been harmed or is likely to be harmed in the near future
  • Determining whether further investigation is need to ensure the safety of the child and whether protection is necessary for the child

In order to assess or determine such circumstances, private investigators are likely to see and talk with the child’s family regarding the child’s safety. Once the necessary information is gathered and it has been confirmed that the child’s safety is compromised, a complete investigation is likely to be conducted.


Role of Private Investigators in Child Safety Protection

With private investigators, it is relatively easy to investigate whether a potential sex offender might be in the vicinity. The private detective will conduct a risk assessment of the potential danger to your child. The services of private investigators are definitely essential so that clients can be advised on what to do and how to deal with any concerns they have raised.

It cannot be unstated that private investigation services do play an important role when it comes to protection of the child’s safety. There may be other places or institutions for which you can ask for help, but private investigators in particular are the most ideal and it’s their second nature to conduct discreet investigations.

Not only do you not want to raise suspicion, you also don’t want to cause unnecessary problems in case your concerns were unfounded. With private investigators you are able to confirm your concerns as discreet as possible.

If you believe so that your child is at risk and his safety or protection is compromised, then it is time that you take the services of a private investigator. last but not least, private investigative services are definitely your best choice in these cases. With their complete and thorough investigation, you are sure to have a peace of mind and ensure your child’s physical safety beyond any doubt.



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