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Civil Investigation Singapore

 What Is A Civil Investigation?


Before we go into details about what is a civil investigation, first you must be able to make a distinction between a civil case and a criminal case.

One of the main differences between a civil and a criminal case is the entity that files the dispute in the court of law.

In civil cases the plaintiff, meaning the party that files the dispute, accuses the defendant, which can be either another civilian or institution, for infringement of certain constitutional rights.

If the dispute is filed by the state in the name of the people for the benefit of the society in general, then the case is referred to as criminal.

Lawyers usually hire private investigators to conduct civil investigations and help them gather more information relevant to the case.

So what are some common types of civil Investigations? These investigations are carried out for cases which include personal injury, injury on your workplace, car accidents, wrongful deaths or similar cases. Although they can be a bit pricey they often provide substantial evidence which can be crucial for winning the case, assuming the justice is on your side.


What Happens in a Civil Investigation? 

The flow of the investigation will depend on the specifics of the case. It often includes talking to a number of people who might or not might be relevant to the case, taking photographs, obtaining records and even conducting surveillance, if needed.

It can also be useful to try and figure out the evidence that the other party has in order to gain leverage and be able to undermine them during cross examination.

The intelligence from the investigation must be obtained in a proper way in order to be liable for court. They should be provided in a chain of custody and be more presentable for the court. In addition, it is always a great advantage if the evidence is supported by expert’s opinion, as it gives them credibility.

Today there are many innovative techniques that enable you to reconstruct the entire case and be able to get a vivid picture of the events that took place. Presenting the evidence in 2d or 3d animations might help you convince the judge and the jury in your side of the story and to increase your chances of winning the case.

Do I need a civil investigation?

The main question you should ask yourself before hiring a private investigator is – do I need a civil investigation? Although the decision to hire somebody to conduct a civil investigation often depends on the case, it is always a good idea to have as much evidence as possible and be able to build a stronger case.

Some cases can be very simple and can be solved through meditation which can save you a lot of time and money. However sometimes people tend to be blindsided by their own stubbornness and decide to take the case to court even though it is unlikely that the case can be solved in a short period of time.


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