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Commercial Investigation Services Singapore

Know Who You Are Hiring

Hiring strangers can be tough, but don’t just rely on your instinct or gut. Whether the position you are hiring for is of high security or just a lower level position, knowing the background of whom you may be hiring is very important. Not only will a proper screening disclose any criminal background, but you will also have access to verify any degrees and credentials.

The training and assessment when hiring new employees can be time consuming and costly. Knowing that the person you are hiring is honest and qualified will help to save your company time and effort forthcoming. Pre-employment screening is the best tool to assist in making a more informed decision prior to hiring. You know you hired the right person for the job with a background check done by a professional and experienced investigator.

Uncover Theft or Fraud

There are several levels of services and reasons for Undercover Operations that companies consider. Now of course when there is a question of fraud or theft, this undercover service can alleviate the loss and the stress by bringing the guilty person or persons to light. Even if the situation was just a misunderstanding, the event in question can be resolved and business can continue.

Some of the Undercover Operations are used to gauge an organization of activity and progress in key areas of concern. These steps uncover some possible zones that may need restructuring or reassigning all together. All of the Undercover Operations are handled discreetly and without any disruption to the company’s daily business.

Due Diligence to Safeguard Your Intellectual Rights

With internet and electronic access being so broad, Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement is a serious matter. We hear of the many major corporations that have had or are having these issues even with all their protocols in place. Anyone can become a victim regardless of the size of your company. All copyrights, trademarks, patents, unique ideas, and trade secrets are susceptible to infringement. Regardless of laws, these properties are open to a worldwide market and therefore at risk.

Protecting your company as much as possible can help reduce the chance of IP Infringement, but nothing is completely safe. When undertaking investigative due diligence, it is best to allow investigators to get right to work on their trail.

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