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Corporate Investigation Singapore

People usually incline private investigators are never one with corporate investigation. On the contrary, their expertise are relevant to businesses. When engaging in business investigation services, investigators do not deal will the usual run-of -the-mill cases. Rather they could probably be dealing with any one case involving: breach of contract (employment screening, bogus résumés) , fraud, theft and even employee issues with the company (internal enquiry, employee movement or employee going missing privy to sensitive information or absconded with company’s fund)

Among the services corporate investigating include are:


Empowerment of job functions and delegation of duties can increase the pace of job productivity and add positivity within the company growth. More importantly free up senior management time to focus on other areas within the company

However, if internal  processors of keeping tabs on subordinates are not up to mark, company dealings with external vendors  as well as internal activities by individuals within the company, may open opportunities of corrupt practices.

Such breach of trusts are detrimental to any company.


Though extremely rare in Singapore, there have been cases of employees selling proprietary secrets to a rival company. While internally, you will be able to narrow down to possible employees, you probably won’t be able to pin-point the actual person involved. The services of a private investigator will expedite your internal investigation without any compromises in catching the perpetrator.


When assessing a potential candidate for a senior position or one who will be privy to highly sensitive information, interviewers must get it spot on. With the influx of falsified résumés, companies can’t afford to even get it wrong even once. While background checks can be done internally, it won’t reach far and deep enough. Private investigators on the other hand, with their pool of networks and contacts would be in a better position to drill deeper and thoroughly to obtain information relevant and useful to perspective employers. Their value in their service, would be to prevent any embarrassment or legal implications to the company.


Trademarks, patents and copyrights belong to the company or to the individual. Likewise proprietary information stays within the legal perimeters of the claimant. That is all good in a perfect world but not in the real world. Stealing of proprietary secrets is serious and it does happen. Or sale of counterfeits. Private investigators have the stamina to follow clues and track leakages in company secrets. Or take on the role as a mystery shopper  to gather evidence in counterfeit sales.