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Divorce Evidence Singapore

How to Find Divorce Evidence?


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Divorce is always a sensitive topic not only to the couple but also to the families and love ones around them.

Whatever the reason may be for the divorce, the emotion invested in a relationship can never be appeased. However, if  adultery was committed, then divorce might take an inevitable end instead of you continuously hurting yourself.

Simply filing for divorce does not mean that you can easily let go and have your domestic relationship dissolved in a matter of time. Why married men cheat or why adultery happens is no accident and for a smart, conscious men/ women such as yourselves, an easier, less complicated divorce process is what you want.

In that case, the help of a private investigation agency with expertise to finding divorce evidence is what you need.

As stated before, divorce is a topic that is much sensitive and can be quite hard for to deal with. It is especially so to the person with suspicion of adultery  to take the initiative of finding the necessary evidence to prove infidelity. These evidences will also serve as a solid proof if; to file for divorce.


Most Common Divorce Evidences

Family courts most often involve supplication of evidences of a person’s claim of a cheating spouse. Of course, only the most relevant as well as competent evidence will be received and considered by the court to ensure that the claim is true.

Considering the time constraint of courts, it means that it is especially important that you choose the most relevant evidence that the court may consider.

Eye witness account is the most common evidence presented to the court. The more objective the witnesses is to their claims, the better it is for the party who wants the dissolution.

Of course, a witness is not needed at every fact and allegation, but they can be very helpful in the course of the trial. Their account is especially helpful in verifying as well as validating what the party for dissolution is alleging.

Apart from eye-witness account, there are various other evidences that might be very helpful. Most often, these are physical evidences that what the party’s alleging is true. The common types of physical evidence that is used for divorce includes:

  • Photographs
  • Voice records
  • Video tapes
  • Documents
  • Broken property
  • Torn clothing
  • Emails, etc

There are other evidences that may be used, but these are the most common type of physical evidences that can be very useful when it comes to proving a claim for adultery.

However, gathering these evidences and getting them to be considered as evidence can be quite tricky. For example, for a photograph or videotape to be considered as evidence, there has to be a party or a witness that must testify that the evidence accurately represents what is being shown and that it has not been altered in any way.

When it comes to collecting divorce evidence, it is wise to gather them as early as possible. If, perhaps, you find it hard to collect such evidences that you need, the help of a private investigator agency can be a great help to save you time, effort and hurt as well.

Additionally, private investigators are discreet and they know exactly what to do so that each divorce evidences is considered by the court.


Why You Need the Help of a Private Investigator?

Divorce does not spare anyone of the emotional crisis. During the proceedings, your relationship with your spouse will also  affect  the well-being of your child.

Of course, it is the child’s well-being that is the first and foremost concern of a parent. If that is your case, then hiring a private investigator is a huge help in preventing false accusations and in other case can help gather evidence if your claim is proved to be true.

The use of private investigator to prove that your spouse is cheating can be pretty extreme at some point. But with their help, you can find the necessary information to find out the truth, decide whether you want to file a divorce case and can be helpful as well if in case you file a custody case.

In most cases, the use of private investigator to find out the truth whether your spouse is cheating or not can be truly alluring and scary.

Apart from the emotional aspect, you might also be uneasy as to hiring the service of a PI due to the fact that although some may be willing to listen to their testimonies, there are those who see their statement as untruthful and doubts the evidence they present.

But today, private investigators are known for their great assistance when it comes to gathering divorce evidence.

They are a great help when it comes to gathering evidence and information thru surveillance, wire taps and various other means. Additionally, with the use of various technologies and tools, it is even easier to find the necessary information that you need. Furthermore, since they are expert in this field, you can expect to receive the results in no time.

But private investigators are not only useful when it comes to finding divorce evidence. There are still many things that private investigators can do for you when it comes to the sensitive topic of divorce or dissolution of domestic relationship.

If you need to gather evidence for child custody or if you want to know if your spouse has squandered your household finances because of his infidelity, then a private investigator can be especially helpful.

If you are afraid to find the truth yourself or perhaps you want an easier divorce process, hiring of a reputable, professional private investigator is ideal for you.

With their help, you have a time saving resource that can successfully help you gather the facts, know the truth and get the result you want.

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