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Domestic Investigation Singapore

To a wide extend, it’s rather unfortunate that, domestic investigation is spent dealing with serious relationship issues and indiscretions. And more often or not, the results are a ‘zero-sum’ outcome. Nevertheless, for most, they need to find the answers; for closure and to move on.

Among the personalised services offered within domestic investigation includes:


Carrying out marriage investigation is usually a result of suspicion after marriage. It’s the broadest and general form of investigation involving a spouse in a marriage. And the investigation could lead to more serious implications to the marriage.


Like all loving couples looking forward to tie the knot, there may be dark secrets or ‘red-herrings’ where one partner may more to hide which may cause problems in future years. Going about with pre-marital investigation is discreet and with evidence.


Sham marriage or marriage fraud have only one purpose; it’s for commercial gain. Such an arrangement is illegal and will be subjected to a criminal investigation as well.


Nobody ever wants to catch their spouse red handed betraying their marital vows with another person. Using the services of a private investigator is the better alternative to carry out an  infidelity investigation. In collecting evidence of infidelity, it will require some amount of surveillance and discretion. Reports will be confidential and updated in real time.


Not knowing that your spouse is cheating behind your back, is the greatest betrayal no one should ever go through. Adultery puts a wedge in a marriage. It destroys the family and the consequences are overwhelming. Adultery investigation exposes the unfaithful spouse and amplifies the affair. We understand the embarrassment and the turmoil. We are professional and discreet in gathering the proof. Everything remains confidential, including all conversations and consultations. You don’t have to accept your fate to be a bystander.


The idea of surveillance is to be able to observe and build a time line of activities without their knowledge or being seen. The results gained from the surveillance is only as good as the planning. And that would entail information only the other spouse would know, such as; behaviour and regular routines. All activities recorded will remain confidential


Cheating partners are usually a few steps ahead of their unsuspecting partner. They tend to be cautious in concealing their indiscretions to avoid unnecessary attention to themselves. Still,  cheating partners do get careless and sooner or later will slip up. An effective method of fact finding would require some measure of surveillance and patience.


There’s not much difference between a cheating spouse and a cheating partner except that a cheating spouse (under the same roof) may have a set pattern in their routines and suddenly deviates from it, may give you hint of suspicion.


If wives know their husband well, they will sense an out of sync husband. There will be changes in habits, routines and perhaps even in appearance. But all of this does not confirm any infidelity just yet. You need to have valid and unbiased evidence. Our team of PIs respects the sensitivity of the situation and understand the vulnerability of building an airtight case for you.


Some men are so gullible that they will believe anything and everything their wives tell them. And if their wives were to cheat on them, the husbands won’t even know about it. Women are usually meticulous in what they do. And if they are cheating on their husbands, it’s going to be difficult to catch any scent of it. Our private investigators, are trained to look for subtle hints. We will put in surveillance and provide the evidence to bring closure to your suspicions.


Divorce evidence are never straight forward. And no one party is just going to hand over material or evidence that is self-incriminating for divorce proceeding to commence. Our private investigators are trained and equipped with the necessary skills, to acquire – print or video proof, records and statements to collaborate the evidence. We will ensure evidence collected are over whelming and air-tight for you to take the next step, whichever you may choose to go with.


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