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Employee Movement Investigation Singapore

Employee Movement Investigation

As with any business owner, you would have an overview of the company structure but perhaps not a detail blueprint of each head count and their specific functions. The day to day running of the organisation is left to department heads, who watch over their subordinates. As such, employee performance, finances, KPI and customer handling and follow ups are left to the downlines. There must be a certain level of trust for all the pieces to come together and gel.

But when trust becomes a ‘blind watchdog’, issues in different forms start to test the boundaries of observation of processes and even the trust level of senior management.

If a business owner is not sharp to catch hints of irregularities, you could expose the company to documents being falsified, attendance record not reflecting the actual headcount, petty cash vouchers being authorised for fictitious claims. More detrimental, would be potential cover ups to legal violations, which could have irreversible damage to the company and brand.

However, having a sharp eye on the floor may not prevent mis-steps or irregularities by subordinates either. Nevertheless, it preempts the owner for contingency plans to investigate the intend behind it. Often, it should take a suspicious action on the part of an employee for alarm bells to go off.

In times like this, a reliable and competent private investigator can offer you with complete investigative services that can verify your employees’ activities. A reliable, professional private investigator will offer you with a range of services for employee movement investigations from  surveillance to digital investigations.

What is Employee Movement Investigation?

Employee movement investigation or simply employee monitoring is the act in which company employees’ activities are duly monitored by their employers. There are a number of organizations and companies that engage in employee monitoring with the aim of monitoring their performances. Additionally, this is also done so as to avoid any legal liability, in addressing some security concerns and also in protection of trade secrets.

Techniques Used for Employee Monitoring by Surveillance Investigator

Private investigators are able to use wide range of investigative techniques when conducting their investigations. Moreover, they have the resources and they can also use their network with other private investigators to make the investigation easier and quicker.

With regards to the practice of employee monitoring, surveillance investigators hired for this job often use the following techniques in order to find out what and where the employees are.

  • Software for employee monitoring

Surveillance investigators use technology such as employee monitoring software. With this, they can track every activity that the employee does using company computers also by means of a computer.

  • Phone Recording

During monitoring, the surveillance investigator could recommend that the company to install a phone recording software, which is often used for training purposes. It may also capture exact number and duration of each call, the idle time between every calls and even the automatic log.

  • Video Surveillance

Aside from phone recording, the private investigator may also use video surveillance to have actual video feeds of the employees’ activities. Typically, video feeds are fed back to a central location where they are monitored by another person. Video surveillance is beneficial in a way that it can be checked regularly and so the problems are detected before they even become worse or too costly.

  • Covert Surveillance

Apart from video surveillance, one effective way of monitoring your employees that private investigator use is covert surveillance. This is especially useful when the employees do not actually work in a static location. For example, in delivery and transportation industries employees are often on the road. In this case, you can choose to track their location and what they do.Employee Monitoring for Crime Prevention and Security within the Company

With mobility of employees, as well as employees working from home, ensuring all dealings areclean and above board poses a challenge and everyone is concerned about security. This applies well in companies and for that reason many companies get involved in employee monitoring. Of course, the practice of employee monitoring has some issues with regards to employees’ privacy.

On that note, private investigators need to make sure their job is very much discreet and authorized by their clients. They have to ensure that they work within the boundary of crime prevention and security with regards to the company’s requirements. As such, the PI at all cost is obligated to be sure that their job will only encompass appropriate measures aimed at preventing alteration, damage, loss, destruction or unlawful disclosure of data pertaining to the company.

That means that the job of a surveillance investigator aimed at employee monitoring will not disclose personal information of the employee. Furthermore, the information collected and documented by the surveillance investigator must be under the contract of service.

There are quite a number of issues to which employee monitoring encroaches. Private investigators have to take serious considerations in their investigations not go beyond the boundaries of legality. Even the employer has to take careful consideration before they make the decision of carrying out surveillance of their staff.

On the other hand, they can expect that private investigators will do their job excellently in verifying  doubts and suspicions. You’ll be able to ensure a clear understanding of your employees’ activities and movements. With that, you can effectively reduce your company’s monetary losses and in the end increase your productivity.

Lastly, all of these are only made possible by hiring private investigators with the require skills, knowledge and experiences.


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