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Female Private Investigator Singapore

The private investigation field is no longer dominated by men alone. There are many female private investigators who already dominate and are excelling in this field nowadays. Since most individuals are more accustomed with male private investigators, they cannot really imagine how the world of female investigators seem like.

Private investigation is a serious and risky job and knowing that women somehow lack skills and strength as compared to men, the job facilitated by female investigators seems to be questionable for some.

Female Private Investigators on the Rise

The perception about private investigation field being dominated only by men is now changing slowly. Lots of women these days have decided to enter this field because of passion and interest. They see this field as an ideal job without setting aside the reality and substantial risks to health, security and emotional stability.

Despite the achievements of female investigators, many still sees the field of private investigation being heavily male dominated. But in the recent years, there has been a paradigm shift as many women have chosen private investigation as their full time profession.

With this welcoming change, it would be fair to say  female PIs are now on the rise. Many individuals have witnessed the great works of these courageous women who put their heart and soul to their profession.

Female Private Investigators Have Proven Themselves

Female dominance has been apparent in many different fields and private investigation was never an exception. Today, various female investigators are facilitating the very risky and complex job that only men were seem suited for during the earlier years. These female investigators have surfed within the broad scope covered by private investigation issues and matters.

Granted there is no way to question the capabilities of female private investigators. However studies revealed that women are more fearless and assertive when it comes to dealing with the tasks. Female private investigators love researching and digging for valid evidences. They love finding for the missing pieces, clues and proofs that can definitely solve a case.

With the impressive characteristics, skills and talent displayed by female investigators, they end up getting more service requests than male counterparts. Be it a short term or long term private investigation and surveillance, individuals can now rely on female private investigators.

It has been note that,women display distinct advantage due to their better ability to multi-task and to play their role effectively. They are said to be more superior to men in terms of reading different situations and suppressing their ego to achieve their goals.

The Qualities and Skills of Female Private Investigators 


  • Interview and Communication Skills

Interviews are common cornerstones of private investigations. Female private investigators have the ability of interviewing victim, client, suspect or a witness. They ask clear questions and extract many details as possible. A good female private investigator is an expert in recognizing gaps and discrepancies in details and locate facts to clarify things. Females are better listeners than male and they can recognize body language better. As such, it makes them more capable of knowing if someone is withholding information or lying.

  • Ethics and Honesty

Female private investigators are ethical, honest and are law abiding. Beware of investigators using unethical methods and  fabricate evidence.

  • Control Emotions

Female investigators are capable of controlling their feelings and emotions. In many instances and cases, female investigators can get on with job whilst  excluding personal emotions because they are fully aware  expressing these can cause negative effects on the flow of investigation. Female investigators create safer environment and share imperative details.

  • Knowledge and Familiarity of the Law

Female investigators are knowledgeable and familiar about the law that surrounds a particular case. Taking for instance when looking to a corporation, a female investigator can tell if a company is doing something questionable and illegal. A private female investigator must be aware of the things that they are legally allowed to do during the course of their investigation.

  • Technical  Knowledge and Skills

A good female investigator knows how to utilize technology in conducting and assisting their investigations. Tools, gadgets and other equipment vary depending on the nature or type of investigation being conducted.

  • Research Skills

These skills are vital during private investigations. A female private investigator often looks to the activities and background of witnesses, victims and suspects. Moreover, cases that are business related usually require research about the actions, policies and financial history of the business. An investigator has the ability and the resources to facilitate relevant research.

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

An investigator needs to be an excellent problem solver in order to put together all the evidences and statements of witnesses and determine the best solution. In instances that statements of witnesses are contradictory, a female private investigator has the ability of using her problem solving skills and critical thinking to figure out what really occurred or happened. Critical thinking and problem solving skills allow female investigators to look for obvious and suitable solutions and analyze proofs objectively.

  • Writing Skills

A female private investigator can write concisely and clearly. Whether they are working for private clients or for law enforcement agencies, they are advised to submit documentation and written reports regarding the investigation. These must be concise and clear enough not only for clients but also for lawyers and judges should a case make it all the way to the court.

Advantages of a Woman Private Investigator

These are some advantages when you hire a female private investigator and are as follows:

  • A female private investigator is necessary for certain assignments and tasks that require a female investigator.
  • She has the ability to access places, information and people effectively.
  • Women investigators are more flexible and they can take wide range of assignments.
  • They are easier to fly and get under the radar especially during surveillance.
  • Many people are more comfortable and at ease with the presence of a female private investigator.
  • This woman has superior ability to establish task and play roles.

If you require a less common approach to your requirements, perhaps hiring a female private investigator may serve your purpose.

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