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General Private Investigation Singapore


Tracing hidden assets take more than just memory of physical items and statements. Undisclosed assets can be shielded from unassuming eyes and go unnoticed. With reasonable grounds to believe that your spouse or business partner is not truthful with assets acquired during the business partnership or matrimonial period. There are legal avenues private investigators can try to unearth hidden assets.


Undercover operatives are put in place to blend in with surrounding environment. Usually embed themselves in a position to be able to observe activities in question and obtain first hand information.

When in need of timeline of events and whereabouts. Surveillance investigation brings those activities to light. It chronicles a time stamp of places visited and activities undertaken. Surveillance helps private investigators obtain hard evidence in investigative work, drawing leads and confirming suspicions, if any.


Everyone has a past. Good and bad, but not everything is mentioned openly. Most disturbing would be the ‘bad’. Background checks provides a list of milestones a person has been through – it list achievements as well as questionable patches.


In a dispute that results in a civil hearing, obtaining all relevant evidence could be daunting and time consuming, as well as stressful. Engaging a private investigator would be more productive and would complement the services of your lawyer.


Whoever said that private investigation niche is a man’s world, has lost touch with the new world. Female private investigators today, have made their mark with personal qualities lacking in men. Women private investigators doesn’t have the stereotype a typical PI, which allows them to blend into the crowd. And gives them the unfair advantage of getting close the their subject matter and less likely to be noticed.