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Are you a politician, celebrity, or company executive looking for professional protection? What kind of security do you want, is it personal security or executive protection? Yes, there’s so much to look for and to look past—the choice is easy and not easy. If you are looking for humans to hire and not dogs to keep, this is your perfect guide:

Consult professionals: Seeking expert advice is the best way to start off your hiring process. A security consultant will analyze your situation and give you an idea of what you actually need.

Know what suits your situation: If you have sufficient reason to believe that your safety is at risk, an armed bodyguard will suffice, otherwise go for an unarmed bodyguard. Understand clearly the task to be completed.

Verify their qualifications: Once you have identified a potential candidate, ask to see original papers that illustrate successful completion of at least one protective services course.

Know their personality: The selected person should be presentable. As an executive, other than being safe, you also want to be comfortable with your bodyguard wherever you go.

Observe physical appearance: The applicant must be tough and physically strong from the outlook, preferably with strong and tall physique.

Test their confidence: When it comes to personal security, confidence comes in handy. You want a bodyguard that can handle large gatherings without compromising your safety or triggering violence.

Understand the guard’s professional presence: Personal security is a service that calls for professionalism at all times because of its demand side, which largely comprises of executives and other luminaries.

Perform a background check: Dig up information into their past; you don’t want an ex-convict on your payroll. What’s their criminal history? What’s their reputation? You can use the Internet to unravel key information on your candidate.

Ascertain their competency level: Look at their performance record while in their former workstations. How did they perform as law enforcers? Know their strengths and weaknesses.

Enquire about their experience in the field: At this point, seek to know the names of executives previously protected by the candidate. Be sure to verify these names with the respective agencies. Experience levels go with the size of the threat—analyze your threat.

Find out how they handled past challenges: The candidate is likely to have faced high-risk situations in their previous workstation; find out such challenges and responses undertaken.

Look out for special skills: Before you confirm one as your bodyguard, you must test their proficiency in tactical driving, knowledge in extensive firearms, and first aid skills. The applicant must present verifiable certificates to prove authenticity.

Build trust: The relationship between you and your bodyguard is defined by trust. This relationship should be built around mutual understanding and benefits.

Make them sign an NDA: Once hired, a bodyguard becomes a part of you, and you don’t want classified information in the wrong hands. Confidentiality is paramount.

Bond with your bodyguard: Now that the bodyguard has signed the Non Disclosure Agreement, it’s time for him to protect you. Learn more about him through habitual contact as he learns from you.

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