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There are a lot of things which a private investigator has to offer you. For that reason, their service has become one of the most in-demand services these days, especially in the way that people live their lives today. Not many people have experienced hiring private investigators before. As such, we intend to give you some insights about private investigators and how to hire them.

The Concept of Private Investigator

Private investigators, private detectives or simply PI, are hired professionals. They are hired professionals with specialization in surveillance, research and many other forms of investigations. PIs are not police officers, but many of them came from Singapore Police Force (SPF) or from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Private investigators provide their service for both individuals and companies while there are times where lawyers utilize their service for finding out more information about a certain case.

Services Provided by Private Investigators

PIs offer a wide range of services covering a comprehensive field of work. However, not all of them are able to do cover all areas of investigative work since some of them have their own specialization. As such, it is important that you find the right investigator who has the expertise and experience that match your requirement to your case.

Here are the most common services and work that private investigators provide:

  • Investigation of an Individual – this could involve infidelity investigation when a partner is suspected of cheating. Usually the investigation would need to establish if the circumstances surrounding the suspicion is unfounded or true.
  • Civil investigation –  Usually centered around collecting evidence for court trials involving separate parties in conflict. It can also cross-over to workman’s compensation disputes and asset tracking
  • Finding missing persons – can consist of two types of groupings. The first perhaps to locate a relative or family and the other to fugitive .
  • Crime investigation – private investigators can also help in such cases as in-house or burglary and any other crime.PIs can use their investigative skills to find out the truth or simply collect evidence your party can use to build a strong case.
  • Background checks or employment screening – private investigators also do checks for people who you can suspect can be trusted or when conducting screening for job applicants in order to ensure your business is safe.
  • Surveillance – probably the most common specialty. The use of monitoring primarily to gather evidence and information on individual’s movement in cases of cheating spouses, infidelity investigation, fraud. It also entails the use of electronic devices to obtain photographs as evidence.
  • Locating of certain objects – in such cases when a property of yours is stolen, PIs are able to use their investigative techniques to scout the area and find clues so as to locate the missing object.

Sometimes, private investigators are also hired to do case research for lawyers to build a strong case.

On Hiring Private Investigator

There are many companies and agencies online which offer investigative work privately, but unfortunately you won’t be able to be sure if they are  genuine, reliable and competent to handle your case. Nevertheless, there are ways you can filter them with some basic guidelines.

Do your work and research

First of all, you need to research. There are so many of them available for you to choose which is why it becomes confusing. But reading reviews and testimonials about their previous works can help clear your mind. Doing so, you will have an idea what job they take, how they do it and if their service is up to your standards.

Ask for a referral

Aside from conducting research, asking for referrals from your family members or friends is much better and reliable. Opinions from people who are close are certainly much reliable than those from the Internet.

Make sure the private investigator has an office

Don’t fall victim for private investigators who work in the restaurant or simply over the phone. A reliable and honest PI has a physical office where you can go to in case things do go as you intend or when he neglects his obligations.

Look for License

This is one of the most important things that you should never forget to do. The license is the proof they are professional and which will give you the ticket to trust them. If they cannot present reliable documentation, it is time that you can it quits.

Experience and education

In this line of work, education and experience is a must. Without those two, you cannot hope to believe he will be able to do the job right and that he has the capability it entails. So when you hire a private investigator, ask for details about his previous jobs related to yours.

Talk about confidentiality

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of this service. This job likely entails some very sensitive information and you would want it to be between just the two of you. As such, you have to be sure that your PI is absolutely discreet and respectful when it comes to the information shared between the two of you.

Prepare yourself with what you can learn  after investigation

When hiring for private investigator, you have to prepare yourself for what he will uncover about you or to the people close to you. You may hope that your fears are proven wrong but still you have to prepare for the worst. This way, you can handle whatever many turn up when you finally hire a private investigator.

With knowing these things, you will be able to successfully choose which among the many private investigators offering their services online and offline. Remember that when hiring private investigators, it often involve cases with sensitive information.