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Minimizing The Guess Work When Selecting A Private InvestigatorĀ 


Usually, hiring a Private Investigator is probably a one-off event. Hence, clients are unique visitors to the scene and have not had prior knowledge in selecting a suitable detective. As in every case is different, it is absolutely vital to choose someone whose expertise fulfills the needs of the situation. This is to make every cent and ounce of effort count along with ensuring the most optimal results.


The first factor in engagement should be the consideration of agency legibility. This also counts if your desired investigator works independently. All these parties should be licensed by the government as this grants them indemnity to perform tasks which are normally deemed as illegal. For example, if the subject is sharp enough and happens to realise that the Private Investigator has been tailing them, they might notify the police. Once the police arrive at the scene, this could be bad news for an unlicensed Private Investigator. They would likely be hauled off for questioning, interfering with the monitoring of the target’s activity. On the other hand, one registered formally with the government would not be subject to this. An hour of blindness could significantly set back progress.

Success Rate

Next, be sure to conduct some background research to find out the effectiveness of the Investigator’s skills in order to determine if they are worth the fee. It would be safer to entrust a more experienced Investigator with the assignment, especially if they have a good track record. On top of their success rate, watch their attitude as amicable correspondence is also desired for a fruitful and smooth result. Additionally, this gives an opportunity to discover the Investigator’s level of integrity. Observing that they divulge too much detailed information on their past cases could ring alarm bells. From this, it is possible to discover if they would breach customer privacy policies as a stepping stone to gain business from others.

Commitment Level

Before proceeding, getting a clear grasp of the Investigator or the Investigation agency’s working hours is crucial. Some of them are devoted to their work 24/7, while others only dedicate half of the latter’s worth of time to their clients. Of course full-time Investigators cost more, but this could well be worth it if this routine is more suited to the subject’s lifestyle. Increased focus would definitely lead to an accelerated conclusion of the case. However, if the observation time window required per day is less, perhaps a part-timer would be more than sufficient to carry out the task.

Agreement of fees

While it may come across as odd, it is actually common procedure for most agencies or individual practicing Investigators to request a hefty deposit of 60-80% of the total fees before embarking on the case. Some may be open to negotiation regarding this, so good communication is the key for both parties to finally settle on a comfortable amount. If the number seems too steep even after discussion, feel free to source for a more compatible substitute.