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Infidelity Investigation Singapore

 Think your spouse is cheating on you?

The thought of your husband or wife cheating on you will create a real painful thought. Knowing that your relationship with your spouse is slowly turning to ruins is something you surely don’t want to happen. Unfortunately, when suspicions start to fester, the truth may not be far off.

According to statistics, suspicions of infidelity have a high probability to be true for both men and women. What’s more is that even with the high statistics of infidelity, there are many spouses that do not know their partner’s infidelity. Apart from this, there are also cases of emotional infidelity that may threaten your family.


Common Signs of Infidelity

When looking for signs of infidelity, evidences usually start out as circumstantial. Here are some of the circumstantial evidences that you should look out for:

  • Spouse coming home with smell of unknown perfume
  • Spouse is caught sneaking in or out of the house, usually at night
  • Inexplicable scratches and bruises all over the spouse’s body
  • Spouse caught in a lie about sick leave or personal day off
  •  Telephone bills show long calls to unfamiliar number
  • Involvement in excessive telephone hang ups and wrong numbers
  • Credit card charges showing unknown travel expenses and gifts
  • Spouse is always caught on obvious lies about whereabouts, finances and other activities

Apart from these circumstantial signs of infidelity, here are some of the most noted changes to the spouse that you should take note according to authorities in the field of infidelity investigation:

  • Significant change in intimacy – when a spouse is cheating, it is noted that there is a distinctive decrease or increase in the level of intimacy and affection between the partners.
  • Changes in appearance – a marked change in your partner’s style of dress, personal hygiene and intimate wear may be a clue that your partner is cheating on you.
  • Secretive phone habits and internet use – your spouse’s secretive actions when it comes to texting, emails and phone calls can be that he/she is hiding something and could be one of the signs that they are cheating on you.
  • Changes in work routine – this could actually be a coincidence but there are many cases where a cheating spouse suddenly has the need to “work late” or perhaps “go to a certain conference”. In other cases, this just might be a sign that your spouse is “working late” somewhere else.

What evidences count as proof of infidelity?

The signs of infidelity mentioned above are circumstantial evidences only. Unfortunately, you can’t claim that your husband or wife is cheating on you based in them. What you need is a solid proof of infidelity that will count as evidence and stand in court. But how can you get that kind of evidence?

Private investigators specializing in infidelity investigations can greatly help you in collecting the pieces of evidences that you need. With their wide range of investigative skills, there is a chance that you will be able to acquire evidence of your partner cheating.

There are a lot of evidences that you can use as proof of infidelity, but what is important is for you to be able to provide proof of opportunity and inclination. That is you have to be able to show that an opportunity for adultery happened and the act happened.

Adultery can only be proven by successfully establishing an opportunity and inclination for your partner and his/her partner. One way that this can be established is through an eye witness account from a third party (i.e. private investigator, colleague or neighbour) which is often based on circumstantial evidence.

In order to prove opportunity, the witness has to testify that he/she saw the couple entering a certain place, i.e. hotel, residence or any place where the two can be alone and have sexual relations. On the other hand, the witness can prove inclination if he/she witnessed the couple behaving affectionately towards each other, that is if he/she saw them kissing or holding hands.

Supporting evidences that can help you build a strong case includes pictures, videos, emails, etc. Private investigators can help you collect such evidences primarily through spouse surveillance. With spouse surveillance, the private investigator will utilize various surveillance methods in order to find out the truth behind your partner’s actions.


What You Can Expect from Infidelity Investigations?

Infidelity private investigators usually need time to conclude their investigations and sometimes it can stretch from weeks to months. But you can expect that private investigators will utilize all the resources to gather the proof of infidelity you need. So no matter how long the investigation may take, you can rest assured that it will be treated with respect and utmost discretion.

The entire investigation is under your control and will only move according to your desires. Private investigators will proceed to investigate your spouse until you are completely satisfied. If you want to confirm your suspicions, PIs are here to provide you with solid evidence that you need.

You can always speak to private investigators if your worries are affecting your relationship. Their service can help you have a peace of mind and in taking the next step regarding the matter of your cheating spouse. Private investigators will always listen to your suspicions and follow up on them. They will constantly check back with you for instructions on proceeding.


Following Through To Be In Control

Infidelity investigation is a work that one has to be willing to commit. That means that if you have chosen to have your partner investigated, you have to speak openly to the investigator about your situation. What you want is to find the truth, but that it cannot be found if you are half-hearted.

If you are willing to speak openly and do the things that need to be done, then you can control the situation you are in. Private investigators are always here to assist you in your journey to find the truth and doing the things that must be done. If it is infidelity investigation, private investigators are always your best choice.


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