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Evidence Of Behavior

The latest trends these days, show that people seem to have lost faith in their partners and they often seek professional assistance to expose their cheating spouse. Sadly in many instances the private investigator only confirms their greatest fears, as where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Infidelity investigation is one of the most ungrateful tasks since you end up  washing  dirty laundry in public. It is unpleasant for every party involved and a lot of tears are shed. Before you decide to hire a private detective who will be investigating your presumably cheating husband or cheating wife make sure you choose a reliable person with a track record of successful cases, and above all a person who is discreet and will respect your privacy at all times.

The Stages Of The Investigation

The first phase is identifying the person of interest and getting their schedule of daily activities. This will enable the investigator to keep track of every movement and be able to detect suspicious behavior. If the circumstances allow, the place of residence is monitored with special cameras and recording devices. The second and most important phase is the stake out. The investigator becomes a shadow to the person of interest and goes everywhere this person goes. All relevant information is recorded, as pictures and videos can be very significant divorce evidence and can simplify the entire divorce procedure.

The last phase of the investigation process is presenting the evidence to the spouse who requested the services. This is the most painful part of the task as a marriage or a relationship that possibly took years to build falls apart in a split of a second. The duration of the adultery investigation depends highly on the nature of the case and can take up from one week to several months.

When Convenience Create Doubts In The Mind

Apart from the infidelity investigations private investigators also look into cases where one of the partners suspects in the motives for marriage and fears that they are engaging into a marriage of convenience rather than into a marriage of love. In such cases the private investigator usually focuses on the background of the person of interest digging the dirt from the past and if needed, the same procure for the infidelity investigation is applied. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, relationship or marriage without mutual trust is doomed. On one hand if you find out that your partner has been faithful but they discover you have hired somebody to follow them you would be in trouble. On the other hand if your suspicions are confirmed, your relationship or marriage will be destroyed.

The Reality Of Evidence

Sometimes is better to be ignorant rather than to suffer knowing the truth. If you decide to hire a private investigator be prepared to face the consequences.

This is for general information and not to be taken as a legal advice

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