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Marriage of Convenience Singapore


Finding the Truth about Marriage Fraud

Marriage sham or fake marriage is a fairly common occurrence in well-off countries in the world. Singapore is no different and neither is the country state spared. A fake marriage is also known as a marriage of convenience that is entered solely for the purpose of either gaining status or citizenship of the host country. It is commonly labelled as fake because of its pre- meditated motivation, but fake marriages are legally valid and conform to the legal marriage requirements of the country where it took place.

Reasons for Marriage Fraud

Commonly, marriage fraud happens for reasons that include immigration, work, residency or citizenship rights, either for one of the spouse or both of them. In other cases, there are those who enter marriage sham for the purpose of hiding suspicion of bisexuality or homosexuality. On the other hand, due to the strictness of modern immigration policies of these days, marriage fraud has been the most common way to get a foreigner resided and possibly gain citizenship in the country of the spouse.

Marriages of Convenience is a Crime

Man and woman hands and breaking handcuffs isolated on white background With recent changes to the Immigration Act of Singapore, fake marriages are now criminalized. Essentially, the Act gives the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) legal reach to prosecute individuals or agencies conspiring to deceive the authorities in fake marriages for monetary gains. Such deliberate violation of Singapore’s law, are also liable to another criminal offence under Section 177 of the Penal Code – giving false information to the authorities


How to Prevent Marriage Fraud?

Perhaps the best way that you can prevent a marriage sham and have yourself invest unnecessary emotional attachment is to have your partner investigated. It may sound extreme and you may be violating the privacy of your partner, but it is for your own good. It is best that you do so, especially if you don’t know your partner’s background and if you are unfamiliar to his/her country. There are thousands of people that are victim of marriage fraud and you don’t want to be one of them. It is still best that you have your partner investigated. Also, you have to take time in considering before you take a decision as something as marriage. Material things are not part of marriage and if your partner is asking for money, then it is suspicious. If your suspicions and doubts grow by the day, it may be best that you hire the service of a private investigator to find out the truth. Private investigators are efficient in handling sensitive cases and delivering results. They are quick and effective in providing high quality service and with their services you can easily confirm your suspicion.

Why Hire Private Investigator?

If you have reasons to doubt your future companion, you may want to seriously consider hiring a private detective. You can avoid the possible penalty and imprisonment and spare you the misery of being duped. Private investigators are there to gather all the necessary information that you need to find out the truth and you can have your peace of mind before you take our marriage vows. There’s a lot that private investigators can offer you. They are discreet, professional and an expert in this field, so you can expect the results that you want and that is – the Truth. So if you are bothered by that unanswered questions in your mind, hire a private investigator and confirm your suspicion. Even though the result may not always be positive or in your favor, knowing the truth is still more than ideal than to live a lie all your life.

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