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Pre-Employment Screening Singapore

What is Pre-Employment Screening?

It is an important part of the selection process. It  focuses on background checks and verifying the information provided by the person of interest. It is used to validate the credentials of that person whose resume is built upon. And it also helps businesses and establishments make their selection, shortlist candidates and eventually decide on the one they will hire.


Why is there a Need to Pre-Screen a Job Candidate?

It can be quite a critical process as an employer and business owner to get it spot on. It is simply your desire to employ individuals whom you can trust with the set skills they claim to have during the job interview. And absence of any form of verifying skill sets for the job opening, be it superficial or thorough could lead to future complications or even embarrassment to the company if the candidate is subsequently discovered not to be what was claimed during the interview process.

Using The Services of a PI for Pre-Employment Screening

Woman using her hand to cover her identityWhen it is important for a thorough background check for the best fit candidate for the job, private investigators are the most likely expert that you can rely to look at the history of an individual you are considering of hiring. As experts, they have the capacity to perform a wide array of search tasks that can determine the history as well as past dealings of a certain individual. They know exactly what investigative and search task would be useful in order to find out the necessary information you need with regards to a certain employee. There are a lot of benefits that your business can take advantage if you have a private investigator conduct pre-employee screening. With it you are sure to save time and effort when it comes to the recruitment of quality personnel for your business.

Apart from that, pre-employment screening by the investigator also helps you by means of:

  • Protecting your company from lawsuits of negligent hiring
  • Attracting high merit employees
  • Discouraging applicants that may have criminal records
  • Reducing workplace potential violence as well as accidents with hindsight to reduce the possibility of worker compensation claims
  • Providing  better and safer working environment not only for your employees but to your customers as well
  • Reducing hiring/ training and turnover costs that only adds to your company finances

The screening process of private investigators usually includes investigative techniques such as:

  • Office based investigation through multimedia and Internet searches
  • Detailed checks of Curriculum Vitae and references
  • Database searches and searches in public records in courthouses and similar places
  • Examination of civil and criminal convictions
  • Determining of the nature of an individual’s discharge in the military (if any)
  • Interviewing of persons who knew the applicant/ employee personally (leaning towards background checks)

Through these investigative search, it will be easy for you to find out if something is amiss. Of course, these have to be done accurately and discreetly so as to not cause unnecessary issues. Private detectives are trained to investigate discreetly on behalf of their clients.

Role of Private Investigators in Conducting Pre-Employment Screening

Digging through someone’s history and past dealings is a sensitive issue. Learning about someone’s life secretly, even if it’s for business, legitimate or justifiable reasons can be a serious matter if not handles properly. Private investigators are obligated by law and code of conduct to ensure that the surveillance techniques they utilized are within the law. With an wide array of surveillance techniques, it is easy to determine the history and background of an individual. Moreover, if the person has nothing to hide, the research process will be an easy task to perform leaving you with peace of mind. Lastly, as a reassurance, investigation agencies often have extensive background with public and private law enforcement so you can be sure that they will handle your case with the best discretion.

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