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There have been many broken relationships and marriages all courtesy of one partner having an affair. Extramarital affairs have become the food most couples eat in their relationships and some have ended in disastrous breakups and divorces. Having an affair might look like a very difficult process for someone who is not in a relationship but for people who are in marriages and relationship, they admit that the affairs ‘just happened’. There are intricate things about a relationship and sometimes these factors can make an affair the easiest escape a person in a relationship can have.

A lot of people who have been in affairs say that problems in the marriage or relationship drove them towards the other person. To some extent, this is true because the human brain is always after security and reassurance which makes the body feel important. This is why a person in a marriage feel unwanted or neglected, could get distracted and seek attention from a person who shows an interest and makes them feel wanted and appreciated.

Affairs Based On Emotions

Relationships between two people are highly dependent on emotions and this is why most cases of cheating and affairs are related to emotions. Everyone has feelings and emotions that they want taken care of by their partners and this means that the lack of this care might lead them astray into someone else’s arms. The other person is always ready to listen to the neglected party. And as innocent as it may start, emotions can cloud one’s vows of marriage and get entangled in an extra marital affair. It stirs emotion that are fresh and exciting and dulls the lifeless marriage.

Affairs And Intimacy

When intimacy becomes lacking in a relationship, one a partner in a relationship might feel a need to find a person who can fill their void or needs.

For men, the affairs are mostly for physical satisfaction.

For women, affairs are for physical satisfaction as well as emotional care.

This is the main reason why men will have affairs and still be in the relationship and not leave their wives. Most women will withdraw attention and affection from their husbands as soon as they find someone who gives them physical pleasure.

Some people are in affairs because it is easy to be in one. In most cases, most affairs start as friendships and this is the main reason why people say they find themselves in relationships outside their marriage.

There are also some affairs that are caused by selfishness. A person decides to have an affair just because they can and they want more than the good person they have because they are full of themselves.

It’s never fair to the innocent spouse or easy to accept their marriage was not perfect but, you’ll need to sit down and decide what will be your next step.

Do you accept staying together with an unfaithful spouse or start gathering information to build a case for divorce or as evidence to give an ultimatum for your spouse to snap out of the affair?

Do not be rash and confront your spouse without any real evidence. Speak to a professional private investigator for the best advice you could take before you decide on your next course of action.

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