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Spouse Surveillance Singapore

I’m very sure, none of us would ever want to engage a private detective to conduct any kind of surveillance on our spouse. Still if ever, you get strong signs that your spouse may be involved with another person, engaging a PI would be the best option to get to the bottom of your suspicion.

While we hope that our suspicion is nothing more than misinterpretation of those signs and are baseless, we need to be able to reconcile with our gut feelings and put our suspicions to rest. Even more important, while in the process of trying to eliminate our doubts or confirm our gut feeling, we must be objective and measured in our approach so as not to ruin our relationship; if all our suspicions proof untrue and baseless.

Potential Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

  • New self interest – Perhaps subtle and may not a reference to cheating but, when all the while your spouse never bothered about appearance or dressing. Then out of the blue, your spouse suddenly takes a personal interest their appearance, grooming and even a change of attire. Even goes to the extent of making time for the gym regularly. You may want to relook at what’s happening to your spouse.
  • Spending more time outside – If your spouse habits and routines are ‘cast in stone’ and you know it so well like the back of your hand, and suddenly; your spouse routines are somewhat being rewritten and changes to everyday routine are glaringly different and they are not able to explain with a real explanation, there could be cause for concern.
  • Hiding financial information – if all this while, your partner was opened with  finances, bank account statements and bills and credit card statements, and now your spouse keeps them away from you, there may be spending which you might not be aware of or questionable.
  • Change in behavior toward you – Most cheaters are usually able to musk their affairs and put up a pretense when they are with their spouse. Still, you might be able to sense that their focus and mind could be elsewhere. Their behaviour may show a different person you know. They may experience being tense, too formal with you or starts criticizing your actions. May also constantly pick a fight with you over small matters. Cheating partners usually create situations that they can use as an excuse to leave the house.
  • Increased phone activities – If indeed the affair is new, your spouse will try to sneak a phone call now and then. You may even notice that your spouse won’t answer incoming phone calls in your presence. Your spouse will move out of earshot and talk in hushed tones to hide the conversation from you. Some have even known to bring their phones into the bathroom  while they are bathing.
  • Increased online activities – Most couple don’t set a password for their separate login for the computer. If your partner suddenly creates a login password and becomes protective of usage on the computer, then there may be something, then you may want to  pay more attention to your partner.
  • Unusual smells Everyone wants to smell good for their partners or spouse. But when your spouse comes back home looking fresh or wearing a strange perfume, something could be amiss. You should be suspicious of his activities except when he has a good excuse to explain his smell.


If there is an affair going on, knowing the truth early could help protect yourself and your family. Coming to terms of your spouse cheating on you, gives you a better view of your next option to take. And for the reason, a private investigator would be best suited to gather information and conduct surveillance.


Having A Private Investigator To Track Your Spouse

Undeniably, your spouse know your routines better than anyone else. And that makes it easy for them to cover their tracks from you. They will optimize the times when their partners are busy at work to indulge in their affair. They will avoid all possible places your frequent at all times throughout the days and nights, which you may be at. Everything is planned to prevent detection by you. Cheaters are usually good at covering their tracks and making it difficult to catch them in their affairs.

However, you can turn the tables at them. It is a completely different story, when using a  stranger to track them secretly. Leaving the job of exposing your partner’s affair to a professional is safer.

Hiring a private investigator to track your spouse also means you don’t need to actually see what is happening. It is painful to see the one you love having an affair with someone else behind your back. With a private investigator, you don’t need to see what your spouse is doing.  Getting the help of a private investigator also puts an end to your misery. Whether your fears were groundless or it turned your spouse was really cheating on you, knowing the truth will give you peace of mind.






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