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Surveillance Investigation Singapore

How Far does a Private Investigator Go?

Surveillance is one of the primary activities of any private investigator has to master. It requires the PI to tail and watch over someone and snoop around to gather information required of him. The private eye simply has to learn and master the skill of successfully watching over someone, a place or an object to achieve his goals.

What is Surveillance?

As mentioned before, surveillance is the ability or an art of watching someone, a place or an object in order for successfully gathering of information, document, contact or whereabouts that his job entails. Surveillance is commonly used when investigating such cases as:

Why Need Surveillance for these Cases?

Primarily, stake out or close observation of a person or a group is conducted in order to prevent a crime from happening, to obtain evidence for a crime committed or evidence for a civil suit, to document the activities or whereabouts of a person or group, to obtain information to be used in the court and many others.

Surveillance is simply a valuable aspect of investigative work so that you can obtain the information you need for a certain reason. There may come a point in your life that you will need the service of a qualified private investigator for a stake out of a person, place or object for you.

Close observation of a person or group is especially useful when you need proof for marital infidelity, sham marriage, child custody and cyber theft. With surveillance, you can essentially gain access to the facts and proof that you need for establishing trust within your family, work, children and your whole life for that matter.

Types of Surveillance Conducted by Private Investigators

There are various types of surveillance that private investigators may conduct to gather the information required.  However, the type of surveillance used varies depending on the individual case. The investigator has to decide what kind of surveillance is best suited to the case so that the desired outcome is achieved. It is simply the nature of the case that will dictate whatever the type of surveillance is used, whether it is human or mechanical, covert or overt or whether it needs to mobile or stationary.

  • Domestic Surveillance – When you are in fear that your partner might be cheating on you, you simply need a direct answer to your suspicions. In that case, domestic surveillance can help you as it utilizes wide array of private investigators surveillance methods, all of which to learn and gather information to prove or disprove your claim.
  • Computer Forensics – Private investigators know just how much information can be found in the Internet and the computer. As such, they also use surveillance methods for obtaining such information. In that matter, private investigators utilize state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in order for necessary information to be obtained from your computer.
  • Background checks – Varying surveillance methods are often utilized when it comes to background checks. In order to find out the necessary information about a person, certain forms of surveillance techniques are used in order to protect you and the people you love.
  • Employee Investigations – It cannot be avoided that in the world of commercial business, there are times where your employees can be a headache. There are times when you have to deal with lawsuits and other disputes relating to your employees. To avoid such things to happen, you can use private investigative surveillance in conducting investigation of the incident as well as in the employee screening process.
  • Child Abuse Investigations – If you are afraid that your child might not be treated well in the house of your ex, private investigative surveillance can help you collect the relevant information and evidences that you need. With the various surveillance methods used by private investigators, surely you can have the evidence you need to support your case.


Different Surveillance Methods by Private Investigators

When it comes to obtaining information, surveillance is a basic technique that a private investigator has to develop. First of all, he has to have basic information as a name of person, place or event where he can start. Then, he can finally start obtaining information through various surveillance methods he can use.

Stationary Surveillance

One of the various surveillance methods which private investigators can use is the stationary technical surveillance. This type of surveillance is one which allows a PI to gather the greatest amount of information with only the least effort. It is an ideal method when conducting surveillance where there are limited activities that would be visible to the public.

Electronic Monitoring

This type of surveillance makes use of electronic gadgets such as email, fax, mobile phones and the Internet. On the other hand, electronic monitoring surveillance needs a court order to proceed since conducting this kind of surveillance without a court order may put off the evidence collected due to technicalities.

Moving Surveillance

Another method of surveillance is characterized as moving surveillance. In this method, surveillance is done with the use of vehicles in disguise. As such, when it comes to this method, private investigators usually keep their distance so they can avoid raising any suspicion in the mind of the suspect. Extra caution has to be taken in order for this surveillance to be successful.

Foot Surveillance

Surveillance on foot is somewhat of an extension of moving surveillance, but without the use of vehicles. The private investigator keeps his trail of the suspect on-foot to places where vehicles are not possible. He has to be careful that he is noticed, staying close enough but within safe distance.

Laws and Ethics Relevant when Conducting Surveillance Investigations

As professional private investigators, there has to be laws and ethics that have to be followed to ensure  privacy is not violated. To make sure that information is relevant and does not compromise the work they do. When it comes to ethics and laws in surveillance; trespassing, audio recording and video recording laws are beneficial to know. Nevertheless, there is one rule thumb observed by PIs alike. They are especially careful and discreet as it is their job to closely observe a person or group. The legality of how the information was obtained is important, particularly if the information needed is for sensitive cases which could be heard in the court of law.

How can Surveillance Aid in an Investigation?

Although surveillance is not necessary for all investigation, any stake-out is especially helpful when it comes to investigating; sham marriage or a person leading double life, infidelity investigation, child safety and other form of investigations.

Surveillance is often included when there’s a need for visual confirmation during the course of the investigation. In the case of infidelity investigation, surveillance is helpful in gathering evidence that there is an affair going on which is needed to establish the claim of the party alleging the infidelity.

It is also helpful in allege child abuse cases. This can be a concluding evidence for the child custody in such cases.

In the case of cyber theft, through the use of technological tools, private investigators may be able to gather intelligence whether an electronic extortion or cyber theft did happen.

Fundamentally, there are many ways that surveillance can be used to aid an investigation. It is considered to be the most reliable evidence, as long as authenticity of the picture or video is established. Surveillance, together with useful, valuable investigative equipment and interviewing are three of the competencies that a private investigator has to utilize and master in order to achieve positive results for the investigation. With these three, positive result and clearer understanding of the situation can be achieved.

Moreover, knowledge of research is also important to achieve a clearer understanding of the situation being investigated. The very purpose of surveillance is finding the truth; whether it is about infidelity, search for missing person or dishonesty by employee. It is through surveillance that anything and everything is revealed about the person, the place or an object.

Anything that is hidden by a person can be revealed to the world. As such, not under stating the consequences of surveillance, it must be conducted discreetly and subtlety. Otherwise, instead of revealing the truth to establish trust, it may end up ruining relationships and family. It must be done with proper care for what is happening and what might happen.

Surveillance is very much necessary in almost all kind of private investigation, but it has to be utilized properly. It must be used to prove the guilt of an individual as well as for exonerating an individual as well.

If you are looking for people who are skilled when it comes to surveillance, there is no one better at that than private investigators that go at any legal length to gather the necessary information.

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