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Relationships between a couple is nurtured through respect, trust and most of all; confidence that your partner will be true to you. Since no two relationships are the same, no one can safe-proof any relationship from infidelity through textbooks.

But when doubts of staying true to you becomes questionable, the confidence of the relationship get shaky and goes through an emotional rollercoaster ride. Sensing infidelity yet no visible proof, is frustrating and mentally draining. Assuming infidelity is neither as simple as ‘heads you win’ or ‘tails I lose’ but you could find yourself in an indefinite  downward tail-spin if you don’t decide on your next course of action to level up.

Your options may be limited but either way or another, you are at a crossroad in your relationship:


You could ignore your gut instinct and hope your insecurity is just a passing thought: For many of us, at one time or other, thoughts of insecurity would have seeped into my minds. Usually a result of our spouse being overly friendly with an opposite sex. Most of the time, it may be nothing more than a passing phase of insecurity. And it goes off after awhile.

Conclude on what you think is true and leave the relationship:  Serious young couple woman with head in handsProbably an extreme and impulsive move to take. Definitely not the
best decision to make without finding out more because you will regret your decision later. Remember, there will always be a reason for every action of your spouse. At least give your spouse a chance to explain and then decide on your next course of action. And if you decide to leave, at least you leave with factual account and you will be able to stand up to your decision.

Take it upon yourself to get the truth:  Not advisable either simply because you are emotionally involved and your judgement will be impaired. You lack the acumen and know how to extract the truth objectively. More detrimental, you may not be able to accept some facts that you may unearth. And it may get out of hand and create a mess out of it.

Engage the professional service of a private detective: Last but not least, this is the most appropriate decision to make. First and foremost, you will get a professional investigator to follow your leads. Being impartial, the detective will be able to rationalise his findings if your spouse is cheating or not. Secondly, because the detective is not known to your spouse being investigated, it’s easier to keep a tail during the investigation without being made.

Ultimately,  deciding on moving on at a crossroad will never be easy. But given the choices you can take to be better informed may give you some sense of peace of mind to take the best option to you.

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