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Tracing Hidden Assets Singapore

Bringing Hidden Assets To Light

Hidden assets are often alleged in cases that involve financial assets, especially cases that are of high net value or worth. Because of financial issues, these cases are rather complicated and involve tracing hidden assets or unreported incomes. These issues often happen in divorce proceedings, cases which are quite sensitive in nature.

Hidden assets as well as unreported income are not uncommon, especially if the divorce has been planned by the spouse way ahead in time. Spouses often hide assets for varying reasons but typically, they do this because they have properties or money they don’t want discovered or divided by divorce proceedings. But there are still numerous ways for which hidden assets can be traced and recovered.

When it comes to hidden assets, private investigators can offer you with wide range of services to help you trace and recover it. Through the means of equipment and people, investigation may reveal evidence of your spouse trying to deceive asset tracing and recovery of your share.

How to Find Hidden Assets in a Divorce

As mentioned before, there are numerous ways as to how hidden assets can be found. Generally, hidden assets are placed in the hand of a third party or under a false document. As such, private investigators often start their search by checking people close to your spouse. They will also look on discrepancies to documents related to financial assets.

The process of tracing hidden assets is known to be one of the most difficult assignments needed in divorce proceedings. For that matter, you need the help of someone that has the knowledge, means and resources in tracing your spouse’s hidden assets. Private investigators are familiar with the many ways that individuals often move assets into the hands of third parties.

If you think that your spouse is hiding assets from you in the run up to your divorce hearings, hiring a private investigator could  help you to find those hidden assets. What is important in tracing hidden assets is for you to provide your private investigator with necessary information. At first, discovery of hidden assets will comprise with simple and formal search procedures such as:

  • Interrogations
  • Subpoenas
  • Depositions
  • Motions to compel, and
  • Requests to produce

These procedures will be taken action in order to get the information needed. When the information is provided, it is then reviewed and analyze by specialists so as to find any discrepancies. On the other hand, if your spouse does not have a detailed list of assets and properties, the second level of tracing would involve finding traces of transfer of ownership of properties, money and other assets. The latter method may proof to too costly to pursue.

What is needed here is diligent and effective preparation in search of traces of asset transfer. To ensure positive results, private investigators create realistic expectations with clients when it comes to their ability of discovering hidden assets. In reality, despite the best efforts of private investigators there are times that it is impossible to locate willfully hidden assets.

Asset Tracing Techniques

When it comes to asset tracing and discovery, private investigators have techniques to use. Private investigator firstly, need to obtain accurate personal information of the spouse in question. This information has to include full legal name and name variations. It also includes the nicknames, common misspellings, abbreviations as well as aliases of the spouse.

The recent and existing address of the spouse is equally important. Although there are searches wherein a name is more than enough, it is always a good thing to have both these pieces of information. This can help greatly in locating the persona and learning necessary information about them.

It is common for hidden assets to be transferred under the name of a relative. As such, it will be good to include the names and addresses as well as the personal details of your spouses’ close relatives. These are valuable information that private investigators can use in asset tracing and discovery of transfer of assets to the family of your spouse.

Here are some of the best asset tracing techniques which private investigators use to discover if there are assets hidden by your spouse with regards division of assets in your divorce case:

  • Public Records Research – this is the fundamental technique used in identifying and locating any hidden assets.
  • Extensive use of Surveillance and other Covert Techniques – Private investigators are experts when it comes to surveillance and covert techniques. These are also useful tools in asset tracing and discovery even to those who have constructed complex asset protection.
  • Trash Searches – It is not uncommon if your spouse became careless and has thrown important evidence in the trash. Private investigators can also conduct legal trash searches where they may be able to obtain possible clues such as income tax return forms and other paper works.

On the other hand, they may also conduct lifestyle check and put a business under surveillance to see its cash flow procedures.

Moreover, as private investigators they would be better equip to decide on the best approach to get your desired result.

They can understand as well that this is also a very stressing time for you. In that sense, you can expect they’ll treat every inquiry and service with utmost discretion and strictest confidence. Their service is made sure to be in accordance to Data Protection Act ensuring you the best service.

So if you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets from you, it would be wise that you get in touch with a private investigation agency that can confidently advise you on your dilemma. They can assist you to determine your asset base, so you can truly base your accusations on true facts.

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