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A Look Into The Life Of An Unfaithful Husband


So, guy x, let’s just call him Guy, is a married man. Guy is not the irresponsible type. He’s not spendthrift or gamble away his salary. He does not drink to the wee hours of the night, and he has no unexplained debts. He loves his kids; he is liked by friends and colleagUnfaithful Husbandues and respected in the community. The problem is that Guy has started fooling around. There is this woman that he is in love with. He admits that though he loves his wife and puts his kids above his life, he is no longer in love with his wife. He has fallen for this new woman and feels as though the world would stop without her.

The relationship between Guy and this other woman makes him feel happy and confident, but also guilty deep down. When he is with her, it’s like she is giving her some kind of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Guy considers her the reason he is alive and breathing. When he is home and the kids are asleep, he feels as if he is trapped in a cage because there are no distractions. He feels as if he can howl and claw at the closed door but he has to be civil and he has to keep the leash on and appear ‘normal’. Deep down, he just cannot wait until he is out of the house or inside the car making that all ‘important’ call.

The worse part in all this is that his wife is a great woman, terrific in all elements of being a wife and a mother. The truth is that she is not any different or a disappointment. Actually, she is what he expected when he got married to her fifteen years ago. His problems greatly lie in the fact that she is what he expected and he has grown out of the tolerance to have an anticipated life. He is greeted by complaints that seem similar every night and child-raising issues have become the order of the day.

His wife does not get the fact that Guy is looking for a companion, not a mother. He longed for the moment when her day will not be filled with diaper changing and taking care of the kids. Now they are grown and all he wants is to talk to an adult woman, even if it’s the mother of his kids. He wants her to tell him all about the neighbor’s mother-in-law’s drama and still not feel awkward when he wants to get intimate with his wife.

It’s natural for a man to get lonely and Guy understands this. The problem is that he does not want to talk about it and this only makes things worse. She tries to get sexy to revive his appetite for her but things seem not to work for lack of mutual understanding. She grows tired of trying and he grows intolerant of her. The end is a separation followed by a divorce all because of not having the talk that could have solved a boatload of problems.

Hiring A Private Investigator

Wife suspecting husband of an affair crying at the bed side while husband sleeping on the bedIf you are suspecting that your husband is cheating and would like to confront him with solid evidence you cannot do it alone. This calls for the skills and experience of a professional private investigator. A PI will gather all information required to show whether or not your husband is a having an affair and you can use the finding to confront him, that is, if he is having an affair behind your back.


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