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When The Heart And Mind Strays

Boyfriend cheating on his girlfriendThis is a question that is thousands of years old and there is no one single answer that can satisfy it because all men are different and have their own reasons of cheating. Today’s Society has come to agree that men cheat and focus has now been given to why they do what they do. Most of the answers that have been given as to why men are entangled in infidelity cases came from the women side of view and this is what complicates issues. Let us look at some of the reasons why men cheat from a man’s point of view to better understand why they do it and how they can stop or how their partners can help them stop.

Emotional Dissatisfaction

Almost 50% of men will state emotional dissatisfaction as a reason to cheat. While myths put men as unemotional beings, it is important to look at them as human being with hearts and minds that are emotionally driven. Men want spouses and partners that show them that they are respected and appreciated and want to be understood that they are trying hard to get things done. Since men are less likely to show any feelings, they tend to stray out of a relationship especially if they are appreciated in their affairs.

Cheating Friends

When a man hangs around friends who are in extramarital affairs or are cheating on their partners, cheating appears like a normal thing. While it is difficult for a woman to ban their man from spending time with ‘Mr. wandering eyes’ it is important that they insist on them spending time in places that are less likely to bring about any temptations. Sporting events are better than hanging out at the club.


When a man feels like he is too young, too old, too fat, too poor or not good looking enough to be desirable, he feels insecure and want to prove to himself that he can be desired. This means that he will use flirtation and extramarital affairs to get back in the ‘game’.


Immature men will cheat because they will think that as long as their partner does not find out, no one will get hurt. What they forget is that most of their partners will smell a rat when things are not going as they should and when they find out what has been going on behind their backs – things will not be as pretty as the mistress.


Some men are always in multiple relationships with different people and when they settle down in a monogamous relationship, they are unable to stop this habit. They will use all they can to stay in different sexual relationship while still in the monogamous relationship.

A man will cheat for different reasons and while a large percentage will do it for sexual reasons, some will do it because they want out of the current relationship or because they are confused and some will cheat just because they can. If the man does not know what they want in a relationship, committing to a relationship based on fidelity will be a difficult affair for them.  Since the damage resulting from infidelity are difficult to deal with, a lot of relationships fall apart with the first case of infidelity.



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